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Consider supporting Jim Sterling and independent criticism

November 15, 2014


As I’ve told folks before, Jim Sterling, Jonathan Holmes, and Niero Gonzalez are the reason that I got into this industry five years ago, and I owe a large part of my success as the current Reviews Director of Destructoid to them. Their passion for the industry is what drove me to pursue a career in writing about Italian plumbers and spiky green turtles for a living, which has been quite the ride for the past five years.

I had the good fortune of working under Jim specifically for a few years when he ran the review program at Destructoid, and learned a great deal from him before I was handed the keys in 2013. In short, he’s one of the most trustworthy and talented critics in the industry.

Unable to continue in the current editorial environment, he decided to create a Patreon aimed at funding an independently ran games criticism site, free of advertising and outside influences. While some sites remain independent of said influences, there’s something to be said about this project that incorporates both new and old media approaches into one hub with Jim behind the wheel.

This is a huge step for Jim, perhaps the biggest in his lengthy career, and I’m proud to support him as he makes the jump to be his own boss in any way I can. Please consider supporting him as well, because the industry is a lot better with him in it.

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