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About Chris Carter

Chris Carter is a gaming writer that holds a Philosophy Degree and a pre-law Political Science Criminology Degree.

He’s been writing from a very young age, particularly short stories involving his favorite fictional characters from various mediums. Chris has been an avid gamer since he was four years old, and has owned almost every system imaginable from the NES up to the current generation. Due to the uncanny amount of titles he’s played over the years, he is well versed in just about every genre in the industry, from fighting games, to old school JRPGs, to modern shooters.

In his 20s, he became the Editor-In-Chief at Gamer, editing well over 1,000 articles, and publishing over 600 himself: a driving force for getting the site listed on Metacritic. To date, with a career spanning over a decade, he has reviewed more than 1000 games listed on the aforementioned aggregate.

Chris has a multitude of contacts in the industry and has covered E3 multiple times on location as well as many other industry events, in addition to setting up meetings and portfolios for up to eight other colleagues on-site. In 2012, he started contributing to, providing news, features, and reviews, as well as contributing editorials to a variety of different outlets. In 2013 he became the Reviews Director at Destructoid, and in 2015, he was promoted to co-EIC. In 2019, he obtained an MPAA accreditation as a film reviewer.

What he brings to the industry is an honest perspective, with no genre or platform left behind.